Let’s Take This Outside

Ladies Who Lunch With Cigarettes, Let's Take This Outside - Styleyedolzie by Bunny Cord

   The Girls are getting together to start a little ruckus….during their lunch break.Why not? Look at what this does for a clean, white button down shirt, by the way.

How have your weekends been doing?



Obscenity in Watermarks for Bunnies.


This is How Styleyedolize Watermarks.

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BunNYCord Bunny-Cord Styleyedolize

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With Love and Irony from Hollywood and England, Music Video from Marina and The Diamonds and More

Marina and The Diamonds sing their own anthem to the American Flag in this sassy, trashy, brassy frolic through a parody of everything from HighSchool cheerleading to who comes to Hollywood and for what. It’s a grand ol’ party where you can’t tell the confetti from the popcorn and you could choke on either. It’s a fairly heavy grind for a poptastic beat.

This new direction suits her well, and the video is vivid and luscious, but I miss the emotional, “I Am Not a Robot,” crooning that she did a few years back.

This is damn catchy, though..with astute lyrics cloaked in tongue and cheekishness.

“American Greed is the American Dream”

“Hollywood Infected my Brain,

Do You Really Want to Kiss Me In the Rain?

I’m Obsessed with the Mess, That’s America,

I’ve been living in the movies, Seeking American Dreams,”

And please send me some of your Memorial Day moments – Styleyedolize should be about all of us – I’d love to hear your input – in the comment boxes and on the sidelines….


Bunny-Cord and the Styleyedolizers

(From Hollywood, for Now)

Reading, Lingerie-Clad Great-Gatsby Gals Lounge in A Field Full of Flowers

Lounging Lingerie-Clad Great Gastby Girls

Styleyedolize. via Wanderlust

via Styleyedolize.

Take a Swim in an Acoustic and Sensual Sea : St. Lucia – Before The Dive Music Video

St. Lucia – Before The Dive Music Video Electro-Indie New Music Band
Elliot Sellers with Carlos Lopez Estrada on Vimeo

Lush, Pastel Images…With Dreamy Cinematography and Animation

Something That I Suddenly Want To Know……..

This has easily replaced, “Somebody That I Used To Know,”
Wonderful and Weird.
That’s Where It’s At.